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ZENsation Diffuser Snap Button Jewelry System

ZENsation Diffuser Snap Button Jewelry System

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Harness positive vibes and maximize your potential with a little help from this impeccably curated set of wellness-oriented, energy-balancing jewelry that are not only fashionable and functional but also practical for everyday use. Interchangeable and complementary design makes this a truly versatile set useful for any and every occasion!


Green Aventurine Mala Beads - RRP S$34.95

Known as the luckiest of all quartz crystals and widely regarded as an all-purpose healer, move with confidence and cinch opportunities with this resplendent piece that can be worn 2 ways: as a bracelet or a necklace. Not only beautiful as everyday jewelry, Mala beads are also used in meditation. Multi-colored chakra stones add a pop of color and energy-enhancing benefits!

Interchangeable Snap Button Diffuser Jewelry System (one of each included) 

  • Snap Button Locket Diffuser - RRP S$19.95
  • Chain Necklace & Pendant - RRP S$19.95
  • Bangle Bracelet - RRP S$19.95
  • Cocktail Ring - RRP S$19.95
  • Rainbow Felt Pads (set of 10) - RRP S$9.95

Put a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy essential oil or signature scent in one of the felt pads provided and place inside the versatile magnetic locket. Wear with your favorite accessory piece included in the system: necklace, bracelet or ring, all in polished stainless steel, for an all-day mood and energy boosting effect.

Additional diffusion jewelry styles and designs available. Check our SHOP for more interchangeable pieces to add to your collection.

For a limited time, receive a unique key ring that can be used with the snap button diffuser jewelry system worth S$14.95.

A S$120+ value for an introductory price of S$69.95. Regular price: S$79.95.