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The JUNE Bling Box - SEA CHIC

The JUNE Bling Box - SEA CHIC

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Make a splash in this month's bewitching collection inspired by the splendid sylphs of the sea. Just like the mermaids, which this alluring ensemble is based upon, the pieces in this set are sure to impart a graceful and otherworldly quality that will make you not only the center of attention but also the life of the party.


4-piece Mermaid Tail Makeup Brush Set - RRP S$39.95

Transform yourself into a goddess with this set of professional cosmetic brushes in a colorful fishtail design.

Under the Sea Pearl Earring Hairband - RRP S$24.95

No earrings? No problem! Don this unique headpiece to tidy up your tresses and dress up your bare lobes with a n uber cool illusion earrings effect at the same time.

Mermaid Tears Vintage Vial Neck Chain - RRP S$24.95

Wear with a flowing dress for a mystical gypsy vibe or a basic outfit for a too-cool-for-school look. Glow-in-the-dark liquid is great for a night out!

Sea Glass Charm Bracelet - RRP S$24.95

Just the right amount of flash for a day out in the sea or a brunch by the beach. Natural stones and crystals give a quirky yet polished feel.

Sea Fern Knuckle Shield - RRP S$19.95

More interesting than a regular ring but less obstrusive than a hand harness, this knuckle shield give any look a transcendental twist!


Single Ear Star Fish Snuggie - RRP S$14.95

NYX Single Eyeshadow in Bright Green - RRP S$10

A S$150+ value for only S$39.95!